Chuck Stoudt is a Georgia Cartoonist who begins to draw and “sees what comes out”.

Suzanne & Chuck Stoudt

“I started drawing so long ago, it seems impossible to trace…when I was twelve, I contracted Polio and was totally paralyzed for seven months. My Glorious Mother was at my bedside when She wasn’t working all day and kept saying to me that I would not be paralyzed because I had cartoons and drawings to do to make SO many people happy. I still hear that Voice today.

I spent four years serving the U.S. Navy and thirty-seven years with AT&T, have two wonderful Children and the most fabulous Wife that a man could ask for. She is my hero!

We love gourmet cooking, sailing, shooting and shopping together. I taught various martial arts over the last thirty-five years, the most favorite being aikido. Living and loving in Atlanta, Georgia.”